Through the means of cause and effect, you have been led here, each decision you have made in your life has shifted your path in the direction of this page.

I hope whilst you are here you can resonate and learn from my writings stemmed from my thoughts. In this age of a great disconnection between our home and fellow earthlings, I hope to add light to your life, reconnecting your mind and consciousness back to reality. I make references to Buddha and other teachers that I have learnt from through their books and scriptures, try not to attach yourself to the idea of Buddhism or any other label there is which could, in one truth, describe the foundations of my teachings.

Listen rather than just read, let your intuition guide you through the words and where they may point. From there you can make the decision where to step next.

Welcome to Green Dharma.

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Note for the Future

A note of my thoughts for the future of Sapiens. Questioning whether our progression is something that cannot be stopped and if it is painted in light.

Beautifully Deceptive

A poem inspired by what dominates most of our home. The words are inseparable from a seductive mistress or the destructive masculine which enables us to see what is so deceptive about how we perceive our ‘giver of life’.

Surrendered veil

This Poem dipicts the surrender of a individuals walls, feeling vulnerable yet liberated and another being seeing the beauty that was hidden. Exposing and truthful allowed the twos connection to be shared with authenticity.

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